“I appreciate his ability to persist and be tenacious whilst sensitive to the pace and depth of change I can handle. I have found Peter's ability to balance the professional and the personal, the job and the person spot on. I have grown as a person and a leader through the coaching I have received and am thankful for Peter's wisdom and patience.”

- Director, Plan International

“Peter is a gifted coach with a talent to establish rapport, trust and credibility and recommend him to any manager or leader who want to take their staff to their next level of performance.”

- Director, World Vision International

“I found Peter to be an extremely gifted coach. He has a real knack (and passion) for establishing rapport, trust and credibility, coupled with broad-ranging experience and study - he is someone I respect greatly. It was a privilege and pleasure to work with him, and I appreciate our ongoing occasional contact.”

Chief Executive, FEBA UK

“Through his coaching and development work with our directors and senior managers, Peter Young has enabled us to create and to retain stellar performers.”

- Strategy Director, Capita PLC

“I cannot reiterate enough how helpful these coaching sessions have been. So much food for thought, so many actions for me and I’ve gained many valuable insights into things I need to look into for me – I’ve got such a sense of confidence in how I want to take all that ‘me’ work forward. I’ll look forward to sharing with you the ‘what comes next’! This has been an incredible experience.”

- Senior Manager, World Vision UK

“Peter is a fantastic executive coach.”

- Director, Baringa Partners

“I have been at Deloitte for 9 years and this was the best course I have been on the concepts were delivered in an easy to digest way but were thought provoking.”

- Management Consultant, Deloitte

“Peter is clearly very knowledgeable and passionate about the subject. Team exercises showed us that we could successfully apply the key concepts straight away.”

- Management Consultant, Deloitte

“I think this was one of the most effective courses I have attended. Just under and hour, but learnt more in this 1 hour that is some full day sessions. The facilitator Peter was an excellent listener and really opened my eyes on some aspects of the feedback process. Well done.”

- Management Consultant, Deloitte

“Thank you for being my coach and for teaching me to think differently about so many aspects of work and life. I have grown both personally and professionally as a result of your coaching and the programme. You did a great job!!”

- Principal, Ramboll

“The leadership development work which I have done with Peter has been incredibly powerful. Peter has at his disposal a range of analytic tools and methodologies which have helped me identify my strengths and the situations in which I am the most effective and influential. Working with Peter goes way beyond traditional psychometric assessments to true personal and professional support as part of a structured development methodology.”

- Director, Capita

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