Leadership Workshops

Enabling the Important Conversations

Leadership is about shaping the nature of the conversations that occur throughout the organisation. While this is widely understood, it is unfortunately the case that the very conversations that have the greatest potential to positively impact the culture, direction and success of the organisation, are often avoided or handled unskilfully.

While most leaders appreciate that ‘difficult’ conversations may be avoided, what they often miss is the massive potential of the ‘coaching style’ of conversation to raise motivation, generate vital learning, and raise levels of organisational performance.

While habitual forms of communication are adequate for 95% of the time, there is a crucial 5% where successful outcomes require intentional, reflective thinking and speaking. Most of us need help in building the capacity to handle such occasions, in holding ourselves steady in the face of our reactivity, and in engaging with both wisdom and compassion.

Since 2001 Peter Young has been facilitating interactive workshops that develop participants’ insight, practical skill and confidence. With extensive experience in equipping leaders and managers with coaching skills, Peter is also trained in the Breakthrough Conversations TM methodology, supported by mindfulness-based practices, and guided by over 20 years of delivering psychologically-informed business communications training.

Under the broad theme of Difficult Conversations, a wide variety of subjects are explored. These include surfacing and addressing conflict, negotiating complex decisions, setting and holding expectations and boundaries, building team members' commitment, delivering bad news, developing 'tough love', and providing challenging feedback. 

The theme of Coaching Conversations explores practical ways to support individual and team learning, to generate higher levels of engagement and energy, and to raise levels of quality and performance. 

“I think this was one of the most effective courses I have attended. Just under an hour, but learnt more in this hour than in some full day sessions. The facilitator Peter was an excellent listener and really opened my eyes on some aspects of the feedback process. Well done.”

- Management Consultant

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