Communicating your certainty about uncertainty

10th January 2017

We can easily understand that those who look to us for leadership want us to offer clarity, just as we ourselves seek it from our seniors. In years gone by practices such as ‘management by objectives’ were intended to help leaders ...
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Why many of us lack any ‘vision’ for our lives?

1st January 2017

I am currently reviewing a friend’s new book, and I was struck by the internal resistance I experienced while doing one particular exercise. He asks the reader a number of questions to help them to create a personal vision, includ ...
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Caught in behaviour that is hard to change

22nd March 2015

Conventional training holds out the promise of becoming more effective as a manager, leader and communicator. And yet it can fail to deliver long-term behavioural change if it ignores the hidden and seemingly 'hard-wired' patter ...
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Can you be a leader who disorientates?

21st March 2015

It is understandable that many leaders have a desire to be liked and to be acceptable. There's no problem with that, so long as it doesn't prevent them from being able to challenge their people, and as I will suggest here, from ...
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As a leader, do you construct or constrict?

20th March 2015

Isn't it remarkable how a single letter can make so much difference! (Thanks John for pointing this out.) The apparent randomness of that single letter, either an 'I' or a 'u', can provide a valuable insight into the nature of h ...
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No; You Can’t Have It All!

19th March 2015

How many of us actually believe that we can have it all? Successful careers, designer homes, charming families, fit and healthy bodies, exotic holidays, involvement in the community, and so the list goes on. The expectations man ...
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