Developing the skill and confidence to lead

Identifying the connections between your leadership and the performance of the organisation

  • Understanding what you really can change, and what you can't
  • Identifying the impact of wider systemic and cultural factors
  • Developing the behaviours, mind-set and confidence to lead change

Executive coaching provides a confidential environment in which the challenges of leadership may be explored with sensitivity and care, and where new capability and confidence can be developed

Our approach to Executive Coaching

  1. The client is the expert in his or her own world – so the primary role of the coach is not to dispense advice but to enable the client to a) see things in new ways and b) develop the resources, skills and confidence to act in new ways.
  2. You lead out of who you are – which means that the task of leadership development is always personal as well as professional. Executive coaching provides a confidential environment where the individual leader can make connections between the challenges faced by the business and their own thinking and behaviour.
  3. Coaching addresses the leader's current challenges – which means that what gets addressed in coaching sessions is practical and business-focussed rather than theoretical, and can be immediately applied in live situations faced by the leader.
  4. Leadership is not only required 'downwards' to staff - but also 'upwards' to the senior party (e.g. shareholders or 'partnership'), 'sideways' internally with peers, and 'sideways' externally with clients, industry bodies and other parties. Developing as a leader requires that all directions receive attention.
  5. Learning to lead often requires 'un-learning' - in other words the willingness to recognise habits and to experiment with change. This requires the patience to self-reflect and the commitment to practice new approaches, both inside and outside of coaching sessions.
  6. Leadership doesn't require you to be somebody else – in fact it is said that you are most effective as a leader when you can "be yourself, more, and with skill". Coaching provides a space to understand why people will be led by you, and how to bring your 'best self' to the fore more often.